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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 7, 2018 7:00am-9:01am EST

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safe. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 7th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the second nor'easter in five days threatens tens of millions from pennsylvania to maine. heavy wet snow could cut power across wide areas. we're spread out along the east coast tracking the snow, rain, and wind. the markets are poised to plunge this morning after president trump's chief economic adviser quits. gary cohn disagreed with the president's plan for steep tariffs on steel and aluminum. and the porn star stormy daniels is suing the president for the right to tell her story of their alleged affair. we'll speak to her lawyer. the white house welcomes reports that north korea appears
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willing to talk about giving up its nuclear weapons. cory gardner tells us how the u.s. must avoid the mistakes of the past. and hundreds of oklahoma schools are recruiting teachers by giving them a four-day workweek, but what impact does it have on parents and students. but we begin this morning with your "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> a lot of us are going to crushed as far as the snowfall. >> millions embrace for another nor'easter. >> heavy rain is expected and it's not good news for folks still trying to recover from last week's storm. >> if you have plans to travel to n it's not going to happen. >> the president's top economic adviser is resigning. >> they all want a piece of the oval office. they want a piece of the west wing. >> nashville's mayor is leaving
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office after cheating out city on thousands of dollars while she carried affair. >> god bless this city. i love you, nashville. rising smoke and ash prompted dozens of accusations. >> a girl mesmerized by mice met lady. and all that matters -- >> popular dating apps bumble is bannin profile pictures with guns. >> -- on "cbs this morning." north korea now willing to discuss giving up its nukes. >> the president saying, quote, it may be false hope but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. >> how do you go hard on peace? we're going to rain reconciliation down on you, you will never recover from the relentless hugs followed by
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words. your children will sleep at night. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. west coast to "cbs this morning." i think it's goodness the bombardment hugs at the table. do you notice anything different, john? >> yes. your glasses. >> norah's been gone all week in saudi arabia and you're going to share with us what's going on. >> i vchlt i've gone from sand to snow. >> we're really glad you're back. >> thank you. march is still coming in like a lion in the northeast where the second big storm in five days is likely to cause more widespread damage. oh, no. heavy snow is starting to follow this h morning in washington, d.c. it's now spreading across the region. it's bringing snow and strong winds to many communities that were hit hard last weekend.
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>> the snow could dump a foot of snow. >> winter storm warnings up from from eastern pennsylvania to maine. >> more that 100,000 people are still without power because of last week's nor'easter could faith last week's disruption. philadelphia is still recovering from the last storm. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing in front of a house in this philadelphia suburb that was almost split in two by a falling tree last week. there were people inside. fortunately they were not injured and hopefully they're sleeping safe and sound somewhere else. but this really illustrated that the people are facing up and down the east coast now. this is incredibly wet and heavy snow. it adds a lot of weight to the tops of these old trees and their root systems have already been weakened by the storm last week. i want to show you this. this is the tree that fell on that house. you can see how massive and old
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it is. it couldn't stand up to those winds. this also shows you the risks not only for the residents fwu utility crews that have been out day and night trying to restore electricity to tens of thousands of customers. the trees are still lit with branches and chis and power lines. the power lines are no joke. i want to show you some video in new york city write lines fell down next to police officers and other cars. the determine ant, the winds. they still could be gusting up to 60 miles an hour. it's going to be a long day. john. >> don, thanks. those trees are gar gapt good morning. >> good morning, everybody.
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the first thing we want to do is talk about what has changed. first thing we have had three model runs that are shifting the storm farther to the east. what does that mean? it supplies its own cold air. ite going be a colder day and less wind and more widespread snow for some folks. if you take a peek at what it looks like, there's the rain and snow basically down ooh i-95 corridor. we want to know where it's going. you take a look at the futurecast, but it into motion. 3:00 in the afternoon, notice, new york city could be dealing with the rain/snow mix combo. same thing along the jersey shore. here you are with a 6:30 p.m. shot. it ee turns to snow. if you take a look at how fast the snow comes down, you're talk about maybe 1 to 2 inches an hour. that's this yellow color. the orange shows you 2 to 3 inches an hour. you put that into motion, you
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watch it balloon up. this red color right there over the city at this hour shows you 3 to 4 inches an hour. that's a lot of snow up and down the eastern seaboard. the major cities could be seeing around 9 inches of snow or so. it's less around boston. gayle, let's go back to you. >> thank you, lonnie. the storm is disrupting travel in many parts of the country. amtrak has canceled more than 50 trains in the northeast. more than 900 are cancel and nearly 100 are delayed. those numbered are expected to rise. kris van cleave is at new jersey's newark liberty airport. he's tracking the storms and has the latest on the impact. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. take a look here. you see people still going through the security lines trying to get out before the snow gets here that lonnie was just talking about. take a look at the boards. kanlsed, canceled, canceled,
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canceled. gayle, i tell you you can get to cancun. this flight is on time. the storm is disrupting travel to and from major cities like boston, philadelphia, new york city and baltimore. airlines are waiving rebooking fees. they try to cancel the storms ahead of the storms. keeps flyers and their planes from getting stuck at arpts during the storm. they want to do that because it makes it easier to reset for the next day. so once the snow passes, they're going to start begin restarting service. they want to ramp up so tomorrow is a somewhat normal day. conditions in the new york area, not so bad right now. that's going to deteriorate and that's when authorities are asking people to stay off the roads and stay home and enjoy the snow. >> or go out sledding.
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>> or make snowmen. there's a wide variety of things available to you in the snow. we're trying to look on the blight side. not on a bright side, flooding. warnings and advisories are posted along the mid-atlantic coast. more will go into effect later this morning. more than one of 300 towns in massachusetts could be destroyed. some homeowners are getting ready to evacuate. demarco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. we're not too far from the seawall in duxbury, and it's missing huge chunks of concrete causing water to spill over into this neighborhood. it's a big now things are in order to patch things up before the next storm moves in. the thrashing of the shoreline continues tuesday as crews cramabled to ford phi b%=pseaw ahead of the latest nor'easter.
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>> we have massive, massive destruction to our infrastructure here. >> reporter: contractors rushed to take care of things during low tide. >> not able to get on the beach to assess the damage has been difficult because the tide hasn't gone out far enough. >> reporter: local officials say it has stood for nearly 70 years but the aging infrastructure is finally buckling. >> we haven't heard of any time that this has happened before. >> reporter: we rode through duxbu duxbury. for robin, the thought of losing her dream house is too much to bear. >> i've worked my whole life for
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this. it's devastating. it could be gone in one day. there's nothing you can do. you hope for the best. >> reporter: many of the locals we spoke with say they're getting out of dodge right now as we speak. some of them left last night. when it comes to the seawall, it could take anywhere up to ten days to patch it up. not enough time before the storm moves in, which could be here within a couple of hours. >> heartbreaking for a lot of people there. ank you. we're going to be watching the market after the president's top economic adviser announced his res ig nachlgts gary cohn is one of 20 who has resigned, retired, or been released under president trump. jericka duncan is at the bhous. jericka, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. gary cohn who had a rocky relationship with the president is the lates high-profile
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person to leash. with his departure it may just clear the way for the president's plan to move forward. >> they want a piece of the west wing. >> reporter: president trump denied that morral in his white house is low. >> everybody wants to work in the white house. >> reporter: and claims he can fill any vacant position. >> i'll have the top ten choice of people wanting to fill that position. >> reporter: two hours later he was looking for a new chief eck. noik adviser after chief economist gary cohn resigned. the import of metals could be a >> this could me as the ta size into a larger trade war. >> reporter: during a meeting with the prime minister of sweden, the president seemed undeterred by the concern. >> the trade war hurts them, not
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us. >> reporter: in addition to the white house staffing, the president was slapped with a lawsuit by adult film star stormy daniels. she alleged the hush agreement that was signed in 2016 which forbid her from discussing her personal details with mr. trump is not binding because mr. trump himself never signed it. they say he used the ayas avery dennison and it was a way to further insulate mr. trump from further scrutiny. dap yals also alleged mr. trump purposely avoided signing the agreement himself so he could later disavow any knowledge of the disclosure agreement. ing the attorney admitted to paying $130,000 before election day of 2016. daniels said she was given the payment to prevent her from
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coming forward with allegations against the president. cohen has denied involvement in the trump campaign. >> thank you. we'll talk with her about her lawsuit and what she hopes to accomplish. news on that front but also the departure of gary cohn is going to rate all the markets today. >> the psident says he can get any of the top ten people. that's an open question. but the top ten people disagree with the policy he's putting forward. one thing that's interesting. he's willing to risk that for these tariffs, which gives you a sense of how much he cares about them. >> and the fact that gary cohn has left the white house is making people very, very nervous. they say there's no chaos here. it's a lot of high energy and work goinged on an two hours later gary cohn resigns.
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what does that say? >> it's a hard place to work. gary cohn has been suffering some embarrass mchblt people coming there to work there has to consider the effects. >> interesting to see how this all plays out. south korea's president said this morning it is too early to be optimeistic about denuclearization talk. president trump believes pyongyang is sincere in discussing giving up its nuclear weapons. >> the statements coming out of south korea and north korea are very positive. >> holly williams is in south korea just outside seoul. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. norfolk has not officially to the u.s. about ling to talk
7:16 am
denuclearization in return for security guarantees. this is all coming from senior stauf officials who made a rare visit this week. they also said kim jong-un has agreed to a meeting. the first meeting between the top leaders of the two leaders in over a decandle. the response has been a mix of very cautious optimism and downright skepticism because north korea has reanythinged on previous greems while its missiles have gotten better and knew cliche bombs have gotten bigger. the fact that north korea wants to talk at all. the u.s. is keeping up its so-called strategy against north korea, announcing new strategies. >> thank you very much. norah is back this morning as we said at the top of the
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broadcast. she's been gone this week for "60 minutes." people were stopping me on the street saying where is norah. i said, i'm not at liberty to say. >> an undisclosed location. >> it's a big story. saudi arabia is the world east lar largest em porter of oil. he's the architect of some of the major socioeconomic and political reforms that are under way there. he took some bold anxious in noer when he detaen detaened. it was part of an anti-corruption crackdown. he is just 32 years old and the crowned presence is one of the most powerful leaders in the middle east. this is our first interview. this will be his first u.s. television interview.
7:18 am
the last time a saudi gave an interview to a u.s. television network was 205. >> was that barbara walters? >> barbara walters spoke with king abdullah. we had a wide-ranging interview that lasted almost an hour and a half. it's really an interesting time. >> i'm curious. how did you get it? >> well, i worked on it for two years. >> persistence pays off. >> and relationships built on trust pay off. i had spoken with the crown prince a year and a half ago about this and it was a matter of times before. are they driving? >> they can drive in june.
7:19 am
they still wear coverings. the full interslew will air sunday march 18 on "60 minutes." ahead, what president trump called a horror show just months
7:20 am
a shorter school week is helping oklahoma keep teachers
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despite low pay. >> omar villafranca is showing us how it also raises concerns. >> people in oklahoma are among the lowest paid in the nation. schools can't offer more money, but nearly a fif oskt the districts are offering something else, a three-day weekend. coming up, the debade on a shorter streak. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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adul good morning, i'm rahel solomon, we are dealing with our second nor'easter in a weekend that will likely impact all of our area, live look from the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher which has been on the road all morning in glenside montgomery county where we can see roads have a combination of rain, ice, snow and will likely get worse before better. on that net lets get over to lauren, for a check of the forecast. hi there lauren. >> we have pick up several inches of snow in montgomery county and several inches in delaware county and this event is just starting to getting now precipitation over spreading the entire delaware valley, snow coming down light to moderate in center city philadelphia reduced visibility, temperature at 33 degrees, hovering just
7:27 am
around freezing, storm scan three showing us pack with the moisture primarily rain with snowflakes mixing in and along i-95 ceiling wet snow, few rain drops mix nothing at times but that will trend to dissipate as we head in the several section several hours so from now until 10 we will deal with the snow, sleet, rain mix and then into 10:00 we will see main energy from this system, build in midday and early afternoon hours. that is peak intensity. we will see heavy snow coming down, even a few rumbles of thunder, are possible, and then as we head in the evening hours, storm will quickly wrap up but as we head throughout the day and during that prime time around midday in the afternoon we could see snowfall rates at within to 2 inches per hour so in the heart of the delaware valley we will likely see six to 12 inches of heavy wet snow off to the north and west higher, meisha lower totals pushing into south jersey and closer to the shore. >> that is a big window of time for peak intensity,
7:28 am
lauren. thanks very much. looking in the world of mass transit, new jersey transit northeast corridor had wire problems and because of it, it is suspended between trenton and new jersey avenue. patco amtrak running modified scheduled, heading out the door disable tractor trailer 95 south on ramp from route 320 because of that it is actually closed. then we have got flooding in new jersey new broadway near king street, route 130 right now is closed at route 47 your alternate new broadway and then route 47 is also closed near route 130 your alternate broadway there. quick peak at vine, visibility issues good news is, not a lot of volume, exactly what we want to see, rahel, over to you. we will have another update at 7:55. hourly updates throughout date both here on cbs-3 and anytime at cbs i'm rahel
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. the trump administration is reversing its course. african elephant trophy imports will now be allowed on a case be case-by-case basis. president trump called it a horror show last year when they said they would lift the obama era ban. the company 23andme will be required to include warnings about the test limitations. it can only detect three of more than 1,000 known inherited breast cancer gene mutations.
7:31 am
it uses dna from saliva to detect the genes. it cannot determine a person's overrecall risk at developing cancer. and target's rage will go from $11 to $12 this spring. it's their second pay raise in a year. they'll increase to $15 by 2020. it will bring in a better pool for applicants. stormy daniels attorney says she should be free to give her story on the relationship with president trump. it says that a nondisclosure agreement signed by daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford is null and void. the suit alleges since mr. trump himself never signed the agreement, she should be free to discuss her, quote, intimate relationship with mr. trump that lasted from 2006 to 2007.
7:32 am
we reached out to her lawyer but have not received a response. she has a new attorney good morning. >> good morning. >> why does someone who have a relationship want to discuss it? most people who engage in an extramarital affair don't want to tell it. why does she want to tell her story? >> she wants to share her story because there's so much misinformation spread by mr. cohn and others regarding what happened, the payment agreement. she wants to set the record straight, be heard around tell the true story. >> does she stand to profit?
7:33 am
>> absolutely not. she wants the public to know the truth. ted on the nondisclosure agreement is david denison. is that an alias for donald trump? >> yes. >> how do we know that? >> i know that and i'm making that assertion and if i'm false let mr. trump or mr. cohn come forward immediately and claim, in fact, it's not an alias for donald trump. it most certainly is and to conclude otherwise, you won't have to conclude mr. cohn who's admitted to the $130,000 payment made the payment on behalf of some other party, individual, that went by that ayas. >> he said that this was a danger to the president, then candidate trump, he took care of it with his own money, and mr. trump knew nothing about it. >> i think it is incredible to
7:34 am
insert that that happened. you would have to assume mr. trump was operated on his own, he knew about it and the draft had a place to sign, multiple places. the idea that he never knew anything about it i think it's strange credibility. >> do you really think you can get this nda thrown out and why? >> no, this isn't a publicity stunt. i wouldn't be wasting my time or reputation if it was a publicity stunt. we believe the nda will be thrown out. we believe s will be free to tell her story. >> but isn't it true denison has to sign it or the attorney and that makes the nda valid? >> no. in fact, he did not sign on his behalf. he signed on be f of the entity in orders to funnel the payment to miss daniels first of all, and second of all, mr. trump was
7:35 am
obligated toign the agreement in order for them to be legally binding. this is no longer will be trump. it's president trump. they're going to look at the damage done to your client versus damage done to a president, interrupting the president and damaging his office. when the judge says to you why is your client's desire to profit from his story over the country's business. >> first of all, my client doesn't stand to profit. you asked many that earlier and i answered you. number two, i don't think it's disrupting the president of the united states at all. these are very simple questions. did he sign the agreement, know about the payment, it doesn't take lock. he could answer it quickly, in less than 140 characters. >> why was she paid $130,000. >> >> i'm not going to get into information that i had with my client because that's privileged. i will tell you there was
7:36 am
payment of $130,000 and it was in an effort to silence her. >> the nda says she came into confidential information including but not limited to still images or text messages authorized or relating to d.d. who you say is donald trump. does she have photos or text messages that prove the affair? >> we're not going to answer that question this morning. >> but there is additional information that exists out there? >> there is certainly information and circumstance and information that i'm confident will be forth coming. >> mr. cohn said he made that payment. do you have any information that was from someone else? >> we have information. we're not ready to disclose that. >> you think it's from not michael cohn but somebody else? >> i think i've commented on
7:37 am
that enough. >> have you heard from michael cohn or anyone from the white house? >> we have not yet but it could be clarified easily. did president trump sign the don'ts and know about the negotiation and payment. it's very simple. >> was it a consensual relationship? >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. ahead, how oklahoma schools are looking to get more teachers. >> i had three opening at our elementary school and had four applicants. same openings and you have 14 to 15. >> we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews and podcast originals. you can find them where, gayle?
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teachers in oklahoma could be the next to go on strike. on average teachers make just over $45,000 a year. yesterday west virginia teachers celebrated as their nine-day strike ended. the governor signed a bill for a 5% pay raise. omar villafranca is in oklahoma with how many schools switched to a four-day schedule. >> good morning. they moved to a four-day schedule to save money. they did notice more experienced teachers were applying forjobs. they went to another district where they're offering four-day school days and offering that as a perk. teachers in her state make some of the lowest wages in the
7:43 am
country, she loves working a shortened four-day school week. >> how is your quality of life changed? >> it has allowed that weekend time with my family. but i also really truly feel like it has made me a boater teacher. by being purposeful and looking at time management. >> reporter: 200 schools operate on a four-day schedule. many parents we spoke to endorse the shortened week. >> it's an extra day. i feel like i have a whole entire day with my kids. >> we should not encourage this. >> reporter: but state superintendent of instruction joy hofmeister worries about the long-term impact on students. oklahoma public school system requires students to attend 180 days or 1,080 hours. shorter days mean longer days.
7:44 am
>> we are leasing time to add value and grow. extending minutes is not exactly the same as having more days in the calendar year. >> reporter: bridge creek superintendent said his district cut down amid a statewide teacher shortage. >> can you get better teachers? >> several years ago i had three openings and the same now, 15 to 20 openings. >> reporter: the average is the lowest of its neighbors. teachers in nearby texas make nearly 7,000 dollars more. following recent strikes in west virginia, oklahoma teachers are now debating a strike of their own. are you ready for a possible walkout on april 2nd? >> that will be the most difficult decision i have ever made. >> you haven't made that
7:45 am
decision yet? >> hmm-mm. i in my head can't imagine not being here. >> teacher organizations plan to announce a possible walkout date soon and one of the dates they're throwing around is april 2nd. that's important because it's the first day of state testing in oklahoma. teachers are asking the legislature for a $10,000 raise over t threeyears. gayle? >> that date is very strategic. thanks a lot. coming up next, this morning's other headlines including a popular deal. and former first lady michelle obama. this may be my favorite story for me today. she had an impromptu dance party with one of her young oeft fans. how the toddler's
7:46 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's look at some of this morning's headlines. "the wall street journal" reports that white house seen superior adviser and the president's son-in-law is expected to meet in mexico city. the trip comes after he lost his security clearance last week. he will discuss security, immigration, and trade. u.s. news and world reports says cellist yo-yo ma performed for the california siblings. we're getting a glimpse. one of the 13 kids apparently posted videos on youtube. be th 17-year-old daughter is singing about being blamed for everything. she's also seen playing with a dodd. partners at cnet report on fbi paying geek squad.
7:51 am
eym to conduct warrantless searches of customer devices during maintenance. the fbi's relationship with the geek squad goes back at least ten years. best bay says it prohibits employees from doing anything other than what is necessary to solve a customer's problem. t"the tampa bay times" reports thai lawmakers have approved a year-round daylight saving time but it's not a done deal yet. the rest of the eastern u.s. would set their clocks back in the fall, florida would not. that would give the state more sunshine in the evening during the winter. >> they call it the sunshine state. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the dutch company has high hopes with its lapp. of the flying car. it was unveiled yesterday. its makers say it can reach 110 miles an hour in the air. it can fly about 310 miles on a
7:52 am
single tank of regular unleaded guess and here's the kicker. the car is expected to sell for around $615,000. it still needs government approval and you need three or four jobs to afford one. >> it's the wave of the future. attorney general jeff sessions is expected to crack down on california for giving sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. ahead, jerry brown's un-trump stile response. 4 and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ feel that tingle of a cold sore only abreva can heal it in as little as two and a half days
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good morning i'm jim donovan our second nor'easter in a week is getting started off across our area, this is a live look from villanova delaware county where snow has been falling for a few hearst we expect a long period of snowfall beginning later this morning and we expect condition of the roads to deteriorate quickly. so first lets check the forecast with lauren, hey there, lauren. >> snowfall intensity picking up here in center city philadelphia where we're less than two weeks from spring officially beginning, and it looks like a winter wonder land as we get a live look at center city philadelphia reduced visibility, big fat flakes coming down, temperature right around freezing northeasterly win at 15 miles per hour, second nor'easter not so much a win
7:57 am
maker, definitely a snow make inner wilmington delaware your snowfall intensity is just about to ramp up with that purple band of snowfall, pushing northward into your area, also seeing after a pretty quiet first half of the morning in the suburbs and lehigh val that i snow starting to over spread, into your neck of the wood as well fairly light in intensity but heavier in intensity especially in north and northeast philadelphia, up into parts of the eastern montgomery county and throughout today we will change over in most areas to that heavy wet snow, say for the coast snowfall rates in the second half of the morning and early afternoon, one to 2 inches per hour even some thunder porn and eventual totals along i-95 corridor six to 12 inches of snowfall and we could see a foot in area north, meisha so this is going to be a prolong event, winter storm warning, in effect for much of the area until late tonight. >> it will be a licensing day, long day for everyone, especially commuters out there take a look out here one thing
7:58 am
that is making me happy is volume levels, just have not been a issue, people heating warning and staying off the roadway, blue route near mid county, pushing in the sound bound direction the snow going by camera. certainly intensifying more we look at camera shots we know it is getting heavier now then it was even 30 minutes ago. disable tractor trailer here, on ramp from 320 that is still closed, good news we are still seeing green because there air lot of vehicles out there we have flooding in delaware, and in a man's road we have lanes block here and take a lou are dropping less than posted speed here, jan, back to you. next update 8:25. we will provide hourly updates throughout the day here and on cbs-3 three on line at cbs make it a great day.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's wednesday, march 7th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." head, how the second big storm in a week is hammering the northeast. we'll check on conditions right now. where it is, it ain't pretty. >> we'll talk to republican senator cory gardner. he's on foreign relations committee. why he's worried. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> mash. is still coming in like a lion. it's like u to cause more widespread factor. >> the determining factor whether this storm will be as damaging as last week, the wind.
8:01 am
>> it's turned over and it's coming down at a fast rate. >> take a look at the board here. canceled, canceled, canceled, canceled. more than 40% of the flights in and out are canceled. >> a big mess. look at it. now the race is on to patch things up before the next storm moves in. >> gary cohn who had a rocky relationship with the president is latest aide to leave the administration. >> why does she want to tell this story? >> she wants to set the record straight and she wants to tell the public true facts. >> does she want to profit? >> absolutely not. >> this virginia dad is going viral for making his son run a mile in school. >> why would you train him with endurance running. my dad tried to teach me a lesson, but he just made me stronger. >> reporter: i'm john dickerson
8:02 am
with norah o'donnell and gayle king. welcome back. >> thank you. it's good to be back. >> new snow is on the ground outside of ail blah bany, new york, which was buried by snow this past weekend. >> winter storm warnings are already in effect. the biggest bull's-eye is north korea and west of new york city. more power outages are expected. more than 100,000 customers haven't gotten their power back since the last storm. don dahler is in a suburb northwest of philadelphia. don, good morning. >> good morning. it's a beautiful scene out here right now, but this sayles the scene that officials are afraid they're going to see more of today. this house was nearly split in half by this massive tree that you see here in front of me. it fell last week during last week's storm. they're afraid they're going see a lot more this week for today. this snow is very heavy, very
8:03 am
wet, which makes it very difficult to shovel. and that added weight and these branches coupled with wind gusts could hamper the efforts of the electrical crews to restore power to tens of thousands up and down the east coast. it's not expected to be quite as strong, but it is expected to disrupt cleanup. at the coast flooding will not be as much of an issue since we're at a lower high tide cycle. however, erosion is a major concern. the last one damaged many of the protective barriers, a thnld time around there are waves along the coast expected to be high. these electrical utility crews are being warned that the winds and the falling branches could create extremely dangerous conditions for them to work under. gayle. >> oh, boy. get ready. thank you very much. lonnie quinn.
8:04 am
lonnie, i believe the technical tomorrow. >> this is going to be a heavy wet snoechlt it's going go heavy snoechlt i do think there's going to be power outages by some trees going down. here's look at the radar picture right now. the radar snow line had been along the i 95 corridor. it has been pushed into portions of new jersey, because, look. your winds are coming in from the northeast. to get the cold air, you've got to get in the northeast winds. that's going to happen later today. when does it turn over to snow? for philadelphia, it ends right now. new york city, you're turning to city around 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. for hartford, connecticut, 6 to 10. the brunt of it, 1:00 a.m. it's done. for the boston metro area, 5:00 p.m., it's finished. from philadelphia to new york city into hartford, about 9 inches. that's a range. boston, lower numbers.
8:05 am
notice the cape. we don't see big totals, but that's where you see the biggest winds. john, let's go back over to you. >> spackle usually repairs things. in this case, it's not a good thing. attorney general jeff sessions is in sacramento this morning where he's expected to unveil a lawsuit against california's sanction area policy. they want a federal court to stop implementing three state laws that protect undocumented immigrants. doj says the state is intentionally interfering with federal immigration activities. paula reid is outside washington this morning. good morning. >> good morning. this lawsuit is the latest development between the escalating trump feud and the state of california and other sanctuary cities. this lawsuit alleges the state is violating the u.s. constitution by violating the state laws. california pushed back against
8:06 am
the lawsuit tweeting jeff sessions has come to california to further divide and polarize them. they don't work here. sad. although it's important to note that the state of california has sued the trump administration numerous times. the trump administration has threatened to withhold money and even agents. the justice department is also considering charginging state officials who interfere with federal immigration activities. the justice department officials tell me they're also reviewing other sanctuary cities across the country and they have not ruled out the possibility of other additional lawsuits against those jurs dikszs as well. norah? >> thank you so much. nashville has a new acting mayor after the city's previous mae yore pleaded guilty. megan barry steps down.
8:07 am
it comes after she was involved in an affair. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this scandal has consumed nashville for the last month ever since the whispers were confirmed by the mayor herself. the first female mayor had an affair with married cop. >> it's been my privilege my professional entire life to have the blessing and opportunity to be your mayor. she ignored shouted questions from reporters tuesday after the 54-year-old democrat resigned as nashville's mayor. >> what is your conditional plea to the charge of theft of property? >> earlier in state cord barry pleaded guilty for theft of property. entering a similar plea deal robert forrest, the head of the
8:08 am
mayor's security detail, he agreed to reimburse the city $45,000 he was paid in overtime. forrest resigned after he admitted to their affair january 31st. >> i'm very embarrass and deeply ashamed. >> reporter: it was discovered forest's overtime pay more than doubled while working for barry as the pair traveled the country working together. nude photos of a woman were taken by forrest police issued smartd phone while he was assigned to protect her. barry said if the photos were of her, they were taken without her consent. >> was her continuing as mayor sustainable? >> not in my opinion. >> reporter: nashville republican councilman said it was trashing the investigation. >> today's move was the right thing to do. hopefully it will allow us to say, hey, come on in to nashville, come see us, we're
8:09 am
open for business. >> reporter: barry will serve three years' probation as part of her plea. the vice mayor david briley will now become the acting mayor of nashville and the tennessee bureau of investigation which dug up many of the damning details says this case is now over. >> thank you very much. we have two affairs in the last hour. one affair, the mayor says she's embarrass and ashamed. the other says, i want to tell you all about it. >> and the lawyer to stormy daniels says she's not going to profit. >> that will be very interesting. the opioid abuse epidemic is growing despite efforts to contain it. dr. tara narula is in the toyota green room. ahead, how local hospitals
8:10 am
8:11 am
the 2-year-old who became an internet sensation for michelle obama's portrait tells chip reid what she thinks of the first lady. >> it ooh's queen. >> it's a queen? and that's who? >> ahead, parker shares how her meeting with the real life michelle obama turned into a dance party with her favorite
8:12 am
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8:16 am
new evidence finds the deadly opioid crisis is growing. there's an emergency jump to emergency room visits in a 15-month period. the increases were seen among both men and women and among all age groups. race went up in every region of the country. in two states, wisconsin and delaware, the numbers doubled. dr. tara narula, good morning. >> good morning. >> we just heard it's a public epidemic emergency. >> we're so far away from making
8:17 am
a dent in tackling this crisis. over 140,000 overdoses. the 40,000 people who died in 2016, as you mentioned, all ages, both genders, every part of this country. for anyone who thinks this will not touch them, they're wrong. we need more funding for this. we need a multi-faceted tay proefrp that involves the community, federal government, law enforcement, government officials. >> the cdc says doctors are prescribing less of these pain pills, so why is the epidemic continuing? >> we think we're seeing a change in the drug supply. what we have are luer more illicit toxic more potent drugs like fundamentalist nall, and these opioids can cause a lot of damage very quickly. we're kind of in the third wave of the epidemic. the first involved
8:18 am
prescriptis, the second, heroin, and here we are seeing these elicit more potent toxic pain medications. a single use of a more deadly drug is what we're seeing. >> does that mean it then has to be targeted like any other illicit drug, noerds it's coming from drug dealers, not doctor's offices? exactly. >> we keep hearing it'sing are not more effective than less risky drugs when it comes to back pain, hip pain, or knee pain. that the latest study shows that. >> exactly. >> what is the point? >> people need to be aware if they're given options for opioid, they should be asking for nonopioids in the lowest dose. according to this city, it's not really effective. >> is it up to the doctors not to offer it as an option? >> the cdc did change their
8:19 am
guidelines. they're being more conscious about not prescribing. it has to come -- you know, a report yesterday talked about the e.r. as being a pivotal place for helping as well. they're on the front lines. >> people need to be educated about this. i said when i had a baby they prescribed percocet. my mom said, no, take a motrin. you'll be fine with a motrin. >> a lot of it is education for patients, for families. in terms of the e.r., this is a point where e.r. can make interventions where people can come in. get them a prescription for it. there's a lot more we can do. >> thank you. >> dr. tara narula, thanks. what's next for u.s. and north korea. ahe ahead, republican cory gardner is there with the evidence he wants to see to prove north korea is serious about giving up its nuclear weapons. we'll be right back.
8:20 am
8:21 am
♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
8:22 am
art came to life for one little girl when she met her idol in person. 2-year-old parker curry was in awe of the official portrait of former first lady michelle obama. last week this photograph of her showing her admed admiration. she got meet with michelle obama. file this in the adorable category with a capital "a." >> reporter: absolutely. parker's mother told me she takes her 2-year-old daughter to a lot of museums, but she said she has never seen her as transfixed as she was while staring at that portrait of michelle obama. >> it's a queen. >> it's a queen. >> yes. >> and that's who?
8:23 am
>> parker. >> reporter: parker curry, a 2-year-old visitor to the national gallery became an internet sensation last week after a photo of her staring up at the former first lady's portrait stole the heart of thousands. she caught the attention of michelle obama who invited her over for a visit. >> you met michelle, didn't you? >> yes. >> what did you do? >> we danced. >> an impromptu dance party to parker's favorite song. the former first lady shared it on social media writing, parker, i'm so glad i had the chance to meet you today and keep on dreaming for yours and maybe one day i'll look up at a portrait of yourself. >> she told parker show was beautiful and smart and so happy to meet her. >> reporter: at last month's unveiling mrs. obama said she hopes her portrait will inspire young women of color. >> who in years ahead will come
8:24 am
to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall of this great american institution. >> do you look forward to day when you can show her the pictures and videos? >> absolutely. right now she can't grasp it. wait until she's 10 or 150e67b and she can look back and say, wow, i hung out with michelle obama. >> do you know what you want to do when you grow up? would you rather be first lady or president. >> president. >> president. >> that's right. that's right. >> beautiful. >> reporter: it has been a whirlwind tour for parker and her family ever since that first photo went viral. while parker's mother says she's been overwhelmed by all the tension, parker has been quite unbothered by all the fuss. norah? >> everyone's going to remember
8:25 am
her now. >> it's goo good morning, i'm rahel solomon, the second nor'easter in less than a weekes bearing down on own area and likely to get worse before conditions improve. "eyewitness news" reporter frank done is live in allentown where it is expected to target so good morning. good morning, rahel, as you can see it is snowing here , but it is really been a mixed bag so far this morning, it has been, kind of raining, and wintry mix and then snow. so lets look at downtown allentown where this is not sticking right now, we are above freezing here, so conditions are pretty, good, but as we have been telling you all morning, things will rapidly deteriorate as we get closer to that 10:00 o'clock hour and throughout the day,
8:26 am
expecting, upper of a foot of snow in the allentown area and because of that the public transit system is in the operate to go day as well as allentown schools are also closed but we will stay out here and machine for conditions right off, now back to you in the studio. >> see you soon, thank you. lets send it over to lauren for a check of the forecast. >> we're dealing with snow coming down across a large portion of the area and heavy in intensity at times getting a live look at center city philadelphia temperature 33 degrees, just about 20 minutes ago heavy snow coming down with big huge flames, and more light to moderate, winds northeast at 14 miles an hour, visibility reduced in many locations and where we have that lower visibility is where we have the heaviest intensity , precipitation, mount pocono down to a half mile visibility, dealing with heavy snow around wilmington delaware your visibility down to about a mile and that confirmed on storm scan three,
8:27 am
where we see these purple returns heaviest intensity precipitation but south jersey and now things starting to pick up in our far northwestern suburbs as well with this precipitation swamp spreading up into upper bucks county, western montgomery county and we have had light snow in allentown, but leading edge of that snow ban will continue to move its way off to the north, snow conditions over the next hour into are going to start to trend downhill in the lehigh valley we will be dealing with heavy snow as we head in lunch hour across the delaware valley, continuing into one, two, three, 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, even 5:00 in the city and points east we will still be dealing with falling snowfall and things wrapping up quickly as we head in the first half of the evening but as far as snowfall accumulations expect nothing and along i-95, six to 12 inches of the heavy wet snow and we could see localized power outages because of the weight of that snow on down trees and power lines. >> it is going to affect so
8:28 am
many people, good news not too many vehicles are out on the roadway this morning. very good sign. take a look we have a down tree paoli thorndale, inbound trains boarding on the out board platform. running around 30 minute. check those schedules on line and speaking of market frankford line and broad street subways running 24 hours, this is your best option, regional rails, running saturday schedule enhanced wilmington newark service, cynwyd service, some buses detoured and limited cct services again because of the snowstorm just make sure to check your schedules and flooding on the boulevard northbound off ramp to broad street that right lane is compromised traveling less than posted speed, over to you our next update 8:55. provide hourly updates throughout date bet here on cbs-3 and on line cbs philly .com i'm rahel
8:29 am
but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it!
8:30 am
stone man douglas students performed at carnegie hall three weeks after the florida school shooting. ♪ the students were among six high school bands performing at the historic theater. freshmen marching band member schachter was among the 17 people who died that day. the band was rehearsing for the concert when the shooting began. they say music helps them cope with the aftermath. i get that. we all believe music has healing
8:31 am
powers. it was good to see them on stage. >> carnegie hall. >> very nice, very nice. welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the hill reports white house counselor kellyanne conway was found to have violated the hatch act. she broke the law prohibited government officials to influence political campaigns. the watchdog said conway went on tv twice to discuss the candidates in last year's alabama senate race. the white house said conway was not advocating for or against any particular candidate. cbs affiliate wbbj reports a father forced his 10-year-old son to run a mile in the rain after he was kicked off the bus for bullying. he published it on facebook.
8:32 am
the boy says he deserved it. >> i thought i was about to die. >> what did he say? >> i know. we need sub titles there. some parents experts say it perpetrated bullying. they call it old school simple parenting. i'dew what experts think. >> is public humiliation a good thing. the father said he's had no problems out of his son since. so some could say it works. hi son was wheezing and said i thought i was going to die. he doesn't seem affted by it. the "chicago tribune" reports mcdonald's is rolling out fresh beef burger this spring. they'll be for quarter pounders and signature crafted burgers. they'll be introduced at all mcdonald's beginning the may.
8:33 am
all including the big mac will continue to be made with frozen patties. >> frozen patties are fine. >> are they? >> you have to unfreeze them first. they make terrible popsicles. and "usa today" reports the actor who plays the mountain on game of thoens set the raw dead lift world record. helists 1,041 pounds in ohio. he made it look easy. president trump is welcoming north korea's apparent yoepness to negotiations about its nuclear program. north korean leader kim jong-un reportedly told south korean official this week that he's willing to discuss giving up his country's nuclear weapons and suspending its nuclear program
8:34 am
during any talks. president trump called the statements very positive. it's not yet clear whether the u.s. would meet north koreans. republican senator cory gardner is on the committee. he's with us from capitol hill for an interview you'll only see on "cbs this morning." senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you make of north korea's position? are they reacting to sanctions? are they pausing to reload? or is this part of a long pattern of kind of cat and mouse? >> there is no doubt that the sanctions are starting to work. i've talked to officials at the cia, the state department. they're stating to feel the pressure from significant sanctions, not only from u.s. and all lies but around the globe. we've been here before. certainly it's poppive but we have to take this sign not only with a grain of salt but perhaps with an entire salt block.
8:35 am
>> senator, what is the next move that you devise for the administration in terms of not being fooled? >> in the past the united states has lived up to our bargain where we've entered into bargains only to see them break their end of the bargain. so what this administration needs to continue do is apply maximum pressure as it has. continue to engage china and other countries around the world to enforce stricter standards and saengss to make sure the united nations puts pressure on them and go after the heinous slave labor practices of the north korean regime. to cut off even more dollars to go back to prop up kim junk un. there's plenty of action to be take and this administration needs to take every one of them. >> let me ask you. the south korean leader said he received a pledge from kim jong-un that he ould would halt
8:36 am
testings during these negotiations. do you believe that? >> if they halt testing, that doesn't mean they halt their progress. they've reached the stage where they can say, sure, we're not going to test, but in the meantime they can develop new timelines, technologies. it doesn't mean they can give up and completely halt their knew clear program. i think it goes back to what they've said they would do in the paste. they've said they would do more. this is one of their lesser promises they've made and so we must continue maximum pressure and not give up on our desire and demand for the complete verifiable denuclearization. >> how optimistic are you? are you feeling optimistic and what mistakes were you referring to in. >> again, the mistakes we have made in terms of believing the kim family, his father's grandfather was serious about
8:37 am
the actions he was going to take. there's no doubt we have to have a resolution. again, i agree this is a positive development pt but will that positive development lead to concrete results of denuclearization, and that's what we have to have. i am skeptical. this is a good thing. but we have to make sure we're not fooled twice. >> what do you make of the resignation? the president has tweeted there's no chaos here. >> i think it's different. i think this is probably somebody gary has thought about long and hard as gary has things. i look forward to sitting down and talking with him how we can continue to work with the administration that are fair to the american people but also don't punish the american people. >> but the precipitating event in this case was the president's
8:38 am
steel tariffs. you are in charge of getting republicans elected. most republicans don't agree with those tariffs aaul ryan said those tariffs are going walk back some of the gains from the tax cut. how do you sell republicans to the public when on the one hand it's helping them, whereas, in another case it's hurting them? >> there's not a surprise to anyone who was following the campaign that the president made this decision. i think he's right to say we need trade agreements, they're fair. where i disagree is that we need to impose a tariff that could hurt the american people. i represent a state that has a lot of great beer industries, farmers, who are worried about the impact steel and aluminum tariffs can have on them. let's make sure they're good and fair to the american people. but it could lead to higher costs on the american consumer. it could cost jobs instead of saving jobs.
8:39 am
that's not the right step. i look forward to working with the white house to make sure we do the right thing and no one gets hurt. >> senator, thank you so much. ahead, christian ritter reveals why her character in "jessica jones" is more angrier than ever.
8:40 am
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what are you doing? >> me? >> actress kristen ritter starred in the recent series "gilmore girls." that was ten years ago. she was on "veronica mars" and "breaking bad." what was her name? >> jane. >> including "confessions of a shopaholic" she stars in the net flick series "marvel's jessica jones." she runs into a little trouble with the police when she's arrested for murder. >> they already gave a statement. they have no proof. >> they believe things you're not telling them. >> they'll call it on strukd of justice. it's a probation violation. >> and they'll put me away for 18 months. >> unless you tell them what
8:44 am
you. >> a poodle doesn't show its belly to a pit bull if it doesn't want to get its guts ripped out. >> and you're a -- >> they'll lump me in with that maniac and start pinning every unsolved crime on me because that's what they do. >> not that you don't have a chip on your shoulders. >> then fix it. >> don't snap at me. >> if she was smart she would not snap at you because we know you've got super powers, ritter. >> as a last resort. how had that been. now you're coming into the new season. talk about what that was like. >> it was really exciting. it was an exciting moment for the character who was triumph t triumphant. it was her being strong. i remember when i got the
8:45 am
episode script when that happened. i cheered because it needed to happen. it was really a difficult journey for jessica to get to that point. she doesn't want to be a murderer, but that was really the only option for her. >> now she's dealing with the aftermath of that. >> yeah. >> i'm wonder physician you have a conflict about the powers you have. >> yeah. jessica has a lot of contempt for the powers she has. she is a girl marked by trauma. he struggles. she has ptsd. she drinks too much. she hardly gets by. and the fact that she has these powers and its attention on her kind of goes against everything that she is. >> can i ask you about the purple man? your nemesis? >> yeah. >> he used to say smile. >> what did that mean? that was really powerful. >> it was really powerful. it was so interesting because around the time we made the video, remember of the video of the woman walking around
8:46 am
manhattan and everyone being smile, smile. it was such a way that it didn't make her feel great and then our show came out and used that message. you know how we sort of recapped consent and it took away her voice telling her to smile. in the end in the final moment when she snaps his neck, she says to him, smile.'re known fo power. yeah. >> so do people come up to you? i was reading, go ahead, kristen, hit me, hit me. is that true? >> yeah. it happens -- >> men and women? >> men. >> men. >> i've never had a woman yet come up to me and ask me to punch them. but a lot of times go to conventions and comic-cons and a lot of men wrestle them or punch them. >> what do you do? >> i go for it. you've got to give the fan as what they want. my fans keep me employ.
8:47 am
if they want me to punch them, fine. >> do females say your character makes you feel better? >> i've had that happen a lot an i think it's been the most moving experiences of this whole job in addition to it being a great acting part. i have women come up to me and say it makes them feel better prechbted. seeing a badass character like this has meant a lot of the men and women. that's something that's been really exciting for me and makes me want to work even harder and throw my full self into the roll. >> is that why we all like come inbook stories and superheroes? >> i think what our show does and what marvel does well is they kind of go underneath the superhero powers. you know, they let you fall in love with the person underneath of all of that and you road for them. they talk about you don't talk about the guy in the suit.
8:48 am
it ooh tess guy under the suit. it's what jessica jones does specifically. it's such a personal story and we get into her psychological story. >> that's why a backstory is always so important. >> can we talk about the girl under your suit? >> sure. i'm much more fun than jessica jones. >> love that you grew up on a farm in central pennsylvania? >> yes. northeastern pennsylvania, 3 1/2 hours on the bus. >> i love that you were discovered at the mall. >> i was discovered at the mall? >> casual corner, limited, pretzel place? >> i thitd was the pretzel place. >> who came up to you? >> there was a scout at elite model agency which i had heard. they came up to me and my mom and we looked at each other like no. so that was -- somehow i got my foot in the door as a teenager and from there i lily padded
8:49 am
into commercials and acting. >> you play a badass character. you also knit. >> i know. >> it's such a nana thing. >> i make it cool. it's a great way for me to have balance especially when i'm playing such a dark character. it helps me shut it down. it's very meditative and i love creating something with my hands. >> who taught you? >> my grandmother, my grammy. >> thank you very much. >> the second season of marvel's "jessica jones" begins streaming on netflix tomorrow. you can see it streechling on apple's i tunlsd ipod afts. today we
8:50 am
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that does it for us. try to get through the snow
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan and another nor'easter is bearing down on our area, and whole northeast some could see as much as a foot of snow by the time thinks all over, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live on the campus, pat what are you seeing there. >> reporter: good morning jim we are live than lancaster avenue route 30 in villanova and snow starting to come down heavier there was a lull 45 minutes ago, and, it has since pick up and just starting to see road earlier, for the first maybe three or four hours out here it was just wet , but it is starting to slowly accumulate, here on route 30, as you can tell traffic though is going at a moderate pace not much has change there, fewer people are
8:56 am
out on the roadways which is gi thing with this weather, but right now villanova not too bad, so that is good news moving forward, jim, back to you. >> thanks very much, pat. we will check back later. lets check with lauren in the weather center. >> yeah, tracking this nor'easter. we have main intensity portion of this system to go as we head into the second half of the morning and in the afternoon hours when we will likely see convective snowfall or thunder style type of snowfall, right now getting a live look in bethlehem, snow is coming down maryland rate in intensity big flakes flying there because temperatures are right around freezing mark but storm scan three certainly has been getting a work out this morning and seeing that snow up and down i-95 corridor more in the way of rainfall slow start to the coast but in and around philadelphia we saw intensity relax just a bit over the last 30 minutes but just to our south is a heavier band that will push in northward and we are seeing bigger flakes toward cherry hill new jersey, department
8:57 am
for, gloucester, paulsboro seeing that snow fall coming down heavy in intensity right new and starting to spread up into our northwestern suburbs as well, we will likely see snowfall rates picking up to one to 2 inches per hours we push toward midday. so for next hour or so we will see mix nothing some areas but intensity, as a main energy approaches the delaware valley will pick up, toward midday and early afternoon and then storm does quickly wrap up as we head in the first half of the evening, but snowfall forecast totals still on track , six to 12 inches of snowfall we will pick up these amounts very quickly especially during afternoon hours when we see mess intense snowfall six to 12, i-95, locally higher amounts toward lehigh valley and less so as we push down close to the coast but yeah, this snowfall will only pick up, in most areas, across the delaware valley. >> how much snow will come down, i have to say i'm happy we are in the seeing vehicles
8:58 am
roadway they are nice and opened but for those that have to get out thejust tat will get slick. we have an accident here it is off to the shoulder facing the wrong way schuyill westbound at gulph mills take it easy traveling buy a lot of this could start to potentially freeze over and that is where we will see problems, and get block ice out there and then you hydroplaning or you even worse sliding can't get that grip that we will need to slow down. down wires bensalem cause aid fire ford road at meeting road your alternate bensalem boulevard is your best bet as of right now. accident new jersey southbound , before 295 vehicle went off here so very slippery conditions, jan jim, back over to you. we will have hourly updates throughout dayton cbs-3 a anytime on cbs philly .com. we will begin with an update at -hey, did i mention i can save you $620 for switching to progressive? [ engine revvi ] you cannot hear me at all,
8:59 am
can you?
9:00 am
thanks for joining us right now we have an update on this nor'easter that is only intensifying and bringing snow fall across the delaware veil getting a live look at center city fill at flakes flying right now, roadway, still mainly wet but that will change heading in the next couple of hours and snowfall intensity will increase, temperature right now, 33 degrees but nor'easterly wind around 15 miles per hour, so we are seeing moderate snowfall around center city fill but just off to the south where what he see dark returns that is heavier snowfall stretched out in cherry hill, paulsboro, upper darby and this bandies moving off to the north so we will see our intensity in the city or immediate city start to pick up and seeing snow spread its way north bound up into our
9:01 am
northwestern suburbs, coming


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